Health Camps

Health Camps are a one-day healthcare outreach service for Older People’s Associations (OPA). Health camps provide both a basic health checkup and education on disease prevention.


Common health issues that older people experience include hypertension, joint pain, muscle pain, diabetes, visual impairments, stroke and stomach aches. In Cambodia, older men and women often do not utilize local health center facilities due to factors include distance and expense. Older people usually prefer to receive home visits from a local paetchhnoul practicing traditional medicine.


In the last two years, over 400 health camps have been conducted across 80 villages in Battambang and Banteay Meanchey provinces. Each OPA administers the health camp in their village, facilitated by local commune health center staff and village health support group volunteers.


At the health camp older people learn about preventative health topics that address non-communicable diseases commonly experienced by older people, such as hypertension, cancers, diabetes and arthritis. The community members have their blood pressure checked and receive paracetamol medication and vitamins. In the afternoon, the health center staff conduct private consultations at the homes of frail and sick older people.


Health camps promote active and healthy aging for all older people and their households. Community members feel confident they can take ownership of their health by applying their new knowledge in preventing and treating diseases.


Older people have more understanding about their health. After the health camp, we share the information with our children and grandchildren so that they know how to look after us.


Soun, 76 years old