Struggling life in Ageing

An 81 years old, Ms. Kry Nai

An 81 years-old widow woman whose career as a mobile bike-cake sale told that she has been selling the local cake through a bike for many years. This is the only income source that she could afford for her daily live. She has told that she could earn about 5,000 Riels to 6,000 Riels (equal $1.25 to $1.5) a day but someday less than that due to a few buyer. She do not want to live and reply on her adopted son while he also living in difficulty, she continued. She want to earn for a living by her own efforts even though her adopted son want to support her and never want her continue doing this job. She has also raised that she do not want to be a burden by her age while she still could afford a living by herself.

Ms. Kry Nai, 81 years old, a resident from Prey Toch village of Prey Toch Commune in Ksach Kandal district of Kandal province. Ms. Nai has 5 siblings but all were passed away during the Khmer Rouge regime. Her husband and one of her son were also killed at this regime while another one of her son was lost somewhere and no information. Ms. Nai were moved to live in Battambang province since 1979 after the failure of Khmer Rouge regime. She is currently living with her adopted son, Mr. Ly Seng in Veal Bek Chan village of Prek Preah Sdech commune of Battambang.