I used to be labor worker and earn day by day and irregularly.




Living in Tasda village of Tasda commune in Sampov Loun district, Ms. Ben Soeur, a 50 years old widow told us that she has three sons but all of them are moving to away from home for works due to her family is too poor. She got a tumor in her neck and it always disturb her from doing the labor works and sometime she fainted and exhausted very often whenever she works too hard.

She used to be labor worker and earn day by day and irregularly. She could earn very little money from this job and could not afford well for her daily living cost.


She registered as a member of OPA in her village since 2015. Ms. Soaeur has borrowed loan from OPA 300,000 Riels (75$) to set up a small grocery cottage in her village. She found this small business help her a lot from doing the hard works and leave her sometime for relax and improve of her health.

She could earn between 25,000 Riels (6.25$) and 30,000 Riels (7.5$) a day from her grocery business while her net profit is around 15,000 Riels (3.75$) to 20,000 Riels (5$). She earns income from this business more than her previous labor work and less energy, she said. She could also save some money family needs such as medicine and home consumption materials


She has told that the revolving fund program of OPA helps her a lots in improving of her living condition and doing her small business. She feels warm and less loneliness when she becomes a member of OPA. She always attend the meeting with OPA in her village and sometimes she contribute some money with the OPA whenever there’s an older people or member who are in needs and request for support from the OPA, she told.