Small Business of older farmer with resilient cropping

Ms. Rorm Gy is a 58 year old farmer living in Doung Mea village in Aek Phnom District in Battambang province. She and her husband are living on their own as their three children have married and moved out to live separately.

Ms. Gy became a member of the Doung Mea Older People’s Association (OPA) in 2015 and was one among the beneficiaries selected to receive the agricultural training and equipment provided by a project funded by BMZ and Helpage Germany to help older people combat some of the impacts of climate change.

In addition to grow rice, Ms. Gy is now also growing vegetables in her small garden both for her own consumption and for selling when she has more than enough for herself.  The project has provided Ms. Gy with cucumber and other seeds as well as some growing materials and the training about crop diversification and growing techniques such as composting.  

Approximately a month and a half after planting the cucumber seeds, Ms. Gy was able to start harvesting her cucumbers and selling to the market. She made almost 80USD from her crop. She said this small income was sufficient to meet her daily living expenses.

Ms. Gy told this reporter that she is very pleased and thankful that she became a member of the OPA in her village. She said that the OPA not only supports their members by providing farmer training but also helps older people who are experiencing hardship to access low interest loans to start a small business that will allow them to earn sufficient income to improve their livelihoods.  

Speaking with great enthusiasm, Ms. Gy told this reporter that she is now going to extend and diversify her planting and cropping to further increase her income and improve her living. She also expressed her eagerness to share what she has learned about climate resilient farming practices with other farmers or OPA members who wish to learn about them.